With Great Power Comes A Great Quiz!

We Love Quiz is back in our Craft Pubs for a mega quiz special this August.
Calling all super hero fanatics, it's time to put your comic book  knowledge to the test with our super hero quiz special. Text your mates, and get involved!

✮ Huge cash prize of £2,000 up for grabs! Don't miss your chance to win. ✮

We Love Quiz is a fast, fun smartphone quiz that sees you compete for cash prizes against different teams from across the UK.

Click below to download the app before you arrive at our pub.

The quiz will take place on the 24th of August at 8pm.

• FREE to play. 

• No cheating, it's fastest finger first.

• HUGE cash prizes Yes, huge cash prizes.

You will be in for the chance of winning a £20 bar tab, as well as a national cash prize pot of up to £2,000! Persuaded yet?
Thought so! Search below for your nearest venue.