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Pubs and breweries sit at the heart of our culture in the UK and form an essential part of our economy and social lives. Here at The Waldorf we like to think we play an important role in the local community of Manchester. However, over the past 25 years taxes have increased to the point where pubs and breweries find themselves overtaxed and under genuine pressure.

The Long Live The Local campaign has returned to put a stop to this and we need YOUR help to gain investment which will allow pubs and breweries to grow.

Long Live The Local is campaigning for the reform of three taxes

1. VAT

An extension in the current lower level of VAT for food and beverages sold in pubs with a view to making this permanent.

2. Beer Duty

An overall reduction in beer duty and alcohol duty reforms that support British pubs and beer as a lower strength product.

3. Business Rates

Lower business rates for pubs equitable to other similar businesses.

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By reforming these three taxes, it will help to ensure The Waldorf remains an integral part of your local community. Please sign the petition today.

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